Earth Inc – Michael Bollen

Earth Inc is an enjoyable ride through a capitalist world.
The humour is not as overt as in some similar books – but that is a refreshing change. Certanly an enjoyable read, although it doesn’t leave you with any form of after-thought, which would be a nice addition.

The actual plot is surprisingly well written, despite a lack of real substance to provide some backbone.

And yet, in spite of all this, it is still entertaining. I can’t place why, but it is. And this is, I suspect, it’s main redeeming feature


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1984 – George Orwell

CoverA novel that is very much considered a classic, and which is often regarded as becoming more like reality, 1984 was bound to take a while to read. Despite it’s modest word count, it is the kind of book that needs to be mulled over between sessions.
As a novel – discounting the political essay behind it – it is a highly readable book that will keep you reading – even when you find the main character changing. However to ignore the political statement behind the novel is to do it a great disservice.
As a political work it is even greater. The empathy provoked with Winston is astounding, you can really find yourself passionately praying that the Brotherhood is real. Even a simple thing such as coffee is a reminder of the message – the poor, cheap taste is contrasted with the name “Victory Coffee” cleverly designed to instill the sense that Oceania is on the brink of victory. The amount of thought put into the very names of such simple things sums up the novel as a whole – it is delicately crafted to give a reasonanse throughout the story that is constantly there – whether it’s at the surface of the text, or just in the background.
Finally, my one crticism of this text is the large dose of the political history and Ingsoc philosophy from Goldsteins book. Such a large block of text in one session is, in my opinion, too heavier dose for most readers who may well give up reading there.
But, regardless, this text remains a literary and political masterpiece.

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