Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You – Marcus Chown

Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You is an attempt at an equation-less explanation of Quantum Mechanics. It surpasses this goal with ease. Not only are the concepts clearly explained, but they are also illustrated by examples which are concise and unique.

Perhaps its greatest achievement is that not only does it deal with Quantum Theory, but also with Classical Physics, and even touches upon when the two don’t mix. Implications are also thoroughly reasoned out.

A wonderful book that shows exactly what science should be like.


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Earth Inc – Michael Bollen

Earth Inc is an enjoyable ride through a capitalist world.
The humour is not as overt as in some similar books – but that is a refreshing change. Certanly an enjoyable read, although it doesn’t leave you with any form of after-thought, which would be a nice addition.

The actual plot is surprisingly well written, despite a lack of real substance to provide some backbone.

And yet, in spite of all this, it is still entertaining. I can’t place why, but it is. And this is, I suspect, it’s main redeeming feature


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Twilight Saga – Stephenie Meyer

#1 – Twilight
#2 – New Moon
#3 – Eclipse
#4 – Breaking Dawn

I started reading this series reluctantly – Twilight was on one of the ‘buy one get one free’ books and I needed another to get the deal. This doesn’t include the fact that i’ve never considered Vampire Romances to be my kind of book. It took me by surprise. The originality in the traits of vampires in this series, and the gripping plot made it a very interesting read.

Unfortunately I never felt that attached to Jacob – one of the major characters; and this did make the majority of New Moon uninteresting to me. In addition, a couple of the surprises were foreseen by me. My one final gripe is the ending. I just wish that we found out a bit more about the lives of the ‘survivors’ after the climax. Let me explain, Breaking Dawn near the end after the main climax mentions in passing that it may not all be over; and yet it then ends with the impression that all the survivors lived ‘happily ever after’. This incongruency, to me, leaves something to be desired.

However, it is still a very enjoyable series – it will definitely be re-read at some point.


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The Innocent Mage – Karen Miller

CoverBook one of King Maker, King Breaker

An interesting tale that slowly builds up the back story in small drips.
Certainly an enjoyable read once you got used to the style, however at times I felt that too much time was spent on the normal day-to-day life and I was tempted to skip parts until something interesting happened. However, the further towards the end I got the better it seemed to get.
I would recommend reading my review for the sequel though before making up your mind.


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The Merlin Conspiracy – Diana Wynne Jones

CoverAs I started The Merlin Conspiracy I found myself confused about what was happening, who was who and who was where. It was a hard slog there’s no question about it.
Yet, I persevered as I knew that Jones can deliver.
And as I reached the mid-way point and the bigger picture started becoming clearer, I found the story had this new sense of purpose and direction which the first half had been lacking. Eventually I found myself unable to put this book down until I had reached it’s thrilling conclusion.


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Dark Sun – Robert Muchamore

CoverAs a mini-book released for World Book Day, I did not have high hopes. I was wrong. This is a good introduction to the CHERUB series showing the main characters engaging in a typical ‘mission’. Yet, in addition to being a good introduction it also provided for the already established fans of the series, by allowing the main character in the series to take a back seat and giving other, more minor characters a chance to shine. Despite a few spoilers for those who will pick up ‘The Recruit’, this mini-book provides an entertaining read for both new readers, and aficionados.


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Air – Geoff Ryman

CoverA deeply moving account of an isolated villager’s perspective on the large leaps in modern technology, and how she rises to the challenge of adapting and making their voices heard.


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