Sherlock Holmes #1 & #2 – Arthur Conan Doyle

#1 – A Study in Scarlet
#2 – The Sign of the Four

These two books are my first foray into the world of Sherlock Holmes and both were immensly enjoyable. The logic of deduction is perfectly intombed in these books – the theory, the methodology and the practise. While I do find the Holmes’ near flawless logic implausible – only minor mistakes are made – when presented fully formed the logic is certainly convincing.

In Study in Scarlet the first half of Part 2 is a dramatic change in style, and one not too my liking – after being used to Watson’s narration, to find a full time and place shift is off-putting. However, thankfully, that did not happen in Sign of the Four and it should by no means detract from this addictive series.

Both perfectly portray the world as it was. The amount of detail is substantial and one could almost suggest that Doyle knew that they may well be read in a different day in the future when readers would need the descriptions of the infamous smog.

They are certainly worthy of their place in any bookshelf devoted to ‘classics’.


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