The Awakened Mage – Karen Miller

Book Two of King Maker, King Breaker

This book follows in the style of it’s companion, that makes you both want to keep reading, and to skip parts. Yet, I can safely say that as the climax nears it becomes much more fast-paced and gripping. One word of caution though: I found the true climax rushed. What could, nay should, have had a sizeable chapter, was instead over in a few pages. Thus it felt like more of an anti-climax than a climax.


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The Innocent Mage – Karen Miller

CoverBook one of King Maker, King Breaker

An interesting tale that slowly builds up the back story in small drips.
Certainly an enjoyable read once you got used to the style, however at times I felt that too much time was spent on the normal day-to-day life and I was tempted to skip parts until something interesting happened. However, the further towards the end I got the better it seemed to get.
I would recommend reading my review for the sequel though before making up your mind.


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