Superior Saturday – Garth Nix


Keys To The Kingdom #6

A light read aimed at Young Adults. It’s certanly an entertaining light read, however that is all it is. There is no real suspense during the book and the plot moves in such a way that nothing ever seems to be long enough. There is, put simply, just not enough detail. Even the ‘cliffhanger’ ending, leaves much to be desired. The outcome is almost certainly predictable as is the rest of the plot.

I’m sorry to say that having had such high hopes for this series, it pales into insignificance against other, earlier, works of Nix’s – so much so that I begin to wonder whether his writing skill is deteriorating.

3/5 – Distinctly average.

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The Merlin Conspiracy – Diana Wynne Jones

CoverAs I started The Merlin Conspiracy I found myself confused about what was happening, who was who and who was where. It was a hard slog there’s no question about it.
Yet, I persevered as I knew that Jones can deliver.
And as I reached the mid-way point and the bigger picture started becoming clearer, I found the story had this new sense of purpose and direction which the first half had been lacking. Eventually I found myself unable to put this book down until I had reached it’s thrilling conclusion.


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Dark Sun – Robert Muchamore

CoverAs a mini-book released for World Book Day, I did not have high hopes. I was wrong. This is a good introduction to the CHERUB series showing the main characters engaging in a typical ‘mission’. Yet, in addition to being a good introduction it also provided for the already established fans of the series, by allowing the main character in the series to take a back seat and giving other, more minor characters a chance to shine. Despite a few spoilers for those who will pick up ‘The Recruit’, this mini-book provides an entertaining read for both new readers, and aficionados.


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Alchemy – Margaret Mahy

This book could have been made into a powerful message, however the little message it does have for perceiving things around us and our place in the universe is unfortunately lost behind the predictable plot and dimensionless characters. This book is probably suited to younger readers of it’s target group.

2/5 – Although it should be noted that younger readers may enjoy it more than I did

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